TML Drivelines Limited is predominantly in the business of manufacturing Axles & Transmissions for Commercial Vehicles. In the year 2000, the erstwhile Axle & Transmissions manufacturing divisions of Tata Motors, were spun off as 100% subsidiaries HVAL & HVTL respectively. The key intent of incorporation was to give specialist focus on development and supplies of Axles and Transmissions for Tata Motors, while Tata Motors concentrated on Vehicle Design, Integration & Marketing. In the year 2011-12, the Boards of the two Companies decided to amalgamate HVTL into HVAL to harness synergies and graduate the two entities as a Total Driveline Solutions Provider. HVTL was accordingly amalgamated with HVAL and HVAL was then renamed as TML Drivelines Limited in FY2011-12. The company operates as a Business to Business (B2B) entity with TML. It continues to cater to more than 90% of the Axle & Gear-box requirements in the M&HCV Range to TML by supplying to all locations of TML - Jamshedpur, Lucknow, Pune, Pantnagar & Dharwad.

Axles & Transmissions as aggregates are very critical for Tata Motors, and TML Drivelines provides these aggregates to Tata Motors with a distinct advantage in terms of quality, cost and new products which dovetails with their core competence. The company traditionally focused on M&HCV aggregates for the Jamshedpur & Lucknow plants of Tata Motors. Of late, TML Drivelines has also ventured into LCV segment & supply of its aggregates to the Pune Plant of Tata Motors. TML Drivelines has set-up its own Design & Development Centre - ERC which has also received DSIR Recognition.

TML Drivelines is organized into three verticals viz. Axles, Transmissions and Forge. Axles vertical is further categorized into Front Axle, Rear Axle, Drive Head and Defence Aggregates. Transmission vertical has Gear Soft, Heat Treatment, Gear-Hard and Assembly. Forge has two verticals comprising Stub axle-RA Shaft and FA Beam-Crank Shaft. TML Drivelines possesses all the modern technologies and facilities required for axles and gearbox manufacturing.

Both Axles and Transmissions verticals are TS-16949:2009 accredited and also ISO 14001 / OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. The Company conforms to all product, environment, labor and industrial, occupational health & safety requirements. Also, financial regulations, laws and enactments as well as all statutory requirements are complied with.

Tata Motors - M&HCV OEM manufacturing is the primary market for TML Drivelines. Vehicles manufactured by Tata Motors with TML Drivelines' Axles and Transmissions, are sold both in domestic & international markets. Apart from that, Axle & Transmission related Spare Parts and Trailer Axles are sold through LOB4 (Spare Parts Business - Non Vehicular Business) of Tata Motors. Axles & Transmissions and their parts for Army requirements are also routed through Tata Motors.

For Financial year 2012-13, TML drivelines reported revenues (net of excise) of Rs. 435.77 crores. The Profit before Tax amounted to Rs. 118.75 crores and Profit after tax, Rs. 78.88 crores. The Earnings per Share stood at Rs. 10.24. The total sales volume in 2012-13 is 284,556 units of axles and 125,451 units of gearboxes. As on 31st March 2013, the Gross Fixed assets stood at 1123.76 crores.

TML Drivelines has 2372 (as on 31st March, 2013) permanent employees. In addition to this, it has access to a captive pool of flexible manpower. The Performance Management System aligns individual employees and functions with the Mission and strategic objectives. TML Drivelines is an engineering intensive organization with diverse job roles such as Manufacturing, Materials, Quality Assurance, ERC, PE & Tools, HR, IR and Finance.

TML Drivelines has various HR processes to recruit, hire, place, and retain new members of its workforce. The company ensures that its workforce represents the diverse ideas, cultures, and thinking of its hiring community and supports the workforce through various policies, services and benefits. As an OHSAS certified company, TML Drivelines ensures and always strives to improve health, safety, and security of its workforce. It is OHSAS 18001:2007 certified. TML Drivelines proactively conducts health check-ups to senior employees and administers required medical support.