The installation of highly flexible assembly lines facilitates in the assembly of multiple variants of axles & transmissions while keeping the capital investment low. Since 2007, all assembly facilities have been upgraded with the objective of eliminating manual assembly practices which for enhanced operator safety, as well as for high productivity & improved quality. Super markets are available in each line to ensure a pull system for material supply and kitting system has been established for single piece flow assembly of sub-assemblies. There are two lines each for front axle assembly, rear axle assembly & gearbox assembly.

Some of the highlights of these assembly lines are:


  • Modern, state of the art Assembly Line for Rear Axle and Front Axle Assembly Lines with flexibility to accommodate all variety of axles
  • The 36 station Loop type Chain-on-edge conveyor installed has the unique advantage of 100% utilization of conveyor length
  • Hanging Canopy structure from roof has been installed for utilities to avoid any obstruction on the floor. All utilities like Compressed air, Cables, Lightings, Oil line, Water line, Nut runners, KBK & Hoists have been mounted on the Canopy with flexibility of changing in future
  • DC Nut-runners used for critical tightening and rechecked for double verification
  • Axles painted at a semi-automatic Paint Booth with programmed Painting Guns
  • Battery operated Tow Trucks, Pallet Trucks, BOPT, Reach Truck have been introduced to create pollution free environment
  • 5S, Kitting & FIFO are key concepts in practice in assembly line
  • Productivity and process improvement, by Mechanization of assembly process automatic transfer systems
  • Planning based on LEAN manufacturing concepts & flexibility to handle all variants
  • Substantial reduction in Rework & Rejection due to material handling. Assembly Lines are well supported with state of the art press lines as well as washing machines ensuring supreme quality components are assembled in the axle


  • Online testing of Rear Axle, first of its kind in an axle manufacturing facility
  • Testing which is normally an offline activity is integrated with the main assembly conveyor, thus facing challenges such as tact time, speed of the conveyor, sound limitations of an assembly line etc
  • Machine robust and flexible enough to handle all variants of axles
  • Improved flushing quality
  • Results printing facility & summary report
  • Productivity improvement 87.5% as compared to conventional lines


  • Continuous chain-on-edge conveyor for gear box assembly for maximum space utilisation
  • Flexible fixture with 360 degree rotation allows component access from all sides
  • Real time production monitoring (ANDON Board)
  • All critical joints fool proofed by Electric nut runners with recording and display of torque
  • All semi critical joints done by oil pulse nut runners
  • Fool-proofed shim selection
  • Kitting concept to avoid any mix up due to product mix
  • In-process verifications for each sub-assembly stations with sticker print-out facility for traceability
  • Customised conveyorised heating arrangement for counter shaft gears (first of its kind)
  • Facilities for both flushing & load testing of gearboxes