TML Drivelines has a range of heat treatment furnaces with automatic controls for operation and product quality.

Sealed Quench Furnaces, Continuous Carburizing & Hardening Furnaces, Rotary Hearth Furnaces, Induction hardening & Quenching Presses with robotic handling systems supplemented by shot blasting & shot peening machines ensure consistent product quality. These furnaces also provide the company with the additional benefit of flexibility in manufacturing.

Some of the available facilities are:


  • 3 Carburizing and 2 diffusion zones with each zone having separate temp & atmosphere controls
  • Fully automated system from loading of components to unloading of components
  • Separation of preheating chamber from carburizing eliminates tendency of soot formation due to cold charge entering a hot zone with atmosphere
  • Holding chamber has a unique advantage which unloads individual crowns directly from the end of the hardening chamber for press quenching
  • Transfer of crown wheel from holding chamber to press quenching by robotic automation
  • Robotic quenching leading to safety, quality and carbon foot print reduction
  • Automatic Re-fixturing of crowns after press quenching for post washing by gantry setup
  • Quenching Press with Process control monitoring (PCM) to take care of the controlled In bend & Out bend
  • Separate and isolated atmosphere chambers for maximum control of temperature and carbon potential, each chamber is independently controlled pusher furnace producing high quality and consistently repeatable product
  • Twin row in carburizing and diffusion chamber gives high productivity and the flexibility of simultaneously running 2 separate case depths in each row
  • The equipment has the flexibility to quench in one of two ways - Direct batch dunk quench of Pinions and transferring of crowns into a separate press quench holding chamber for automatic quenching by means of robotic automation on to press quench station
  • All safety features such as CO2 flooding system Nitrogen gas purging and other firefighting backup available for the system.


  • Case Hardening - Carburizing, Diffusion, Hardening, Tempering
  • Sealed Quench furnace has Flexibility of two atmosphere systems-Conventional Endogas + LPG and Air + LPG
  • Supercarb technology at efficient cost and producing best quality.
  • Hot Quenching facility for distortion control
  • High uniformity and reproducibility of heat treatment results
  • Fully automatic operation though PLC, Programmer and Latest process Control Systems
  • Electric fired Furnace with high energy efficient recuperative burners with substantial savings in operation costs
  • All electromechanical drives
  • Safety Features confirming to European standards
  • Automatic scheduling of components to furnaces
  • Automatic selection of furnaces, washers, pre-heaters, Temp furnace depending upon availability
  • Batch reports for every batch along with component details and process details
  • Display of data in real time and archiving for future reference
  • Real time and historical trend for furnace parameters available for analysis